Collection: The best tonic water for a gin. Which one is that?

What makes a good tonic water?
The most important thing is that the tonic water does not change your gin and that the bitterness of the quinine does not overtakes in the taste. The times are gone in which the gin was a simple one and the tonic extremely bitter.
Gins have become more interesting and complex and what you have to keep in mind is, that the gin is the most important and most expensive part of the longdrink and it is very important that you can taste it from the beginning till the end. At the end you want to drink a gin & tonic and not tontic & gin!

Since the gins are very different and the botanicals vary greatly, it is not possible to make a blanket statement that a particular tonic is the best for the gin.
Mistelhain set itself the task of developing and producing fascinating tonic water with the aim of perfectly matching your gin leaving more than enough place for its taste.
 Tonic water with a slight bitterness. Tonic water, which takes longdrinks lovers and cocktails into a world of their own: The world of Mistelhain...
The world of complete distillation of ingredients. This allows for an unprecedented intensity of taste... and that in three wonderful flavors.

Why three flavors? 

Because the gins are so different! Our three tonic water support your gin just the way it needs it and without changing it.
Even pure, our tonic water "Ambition",  "Signature"  and  "Trend  " inspire with a full, aromatic mouthfeel. They are the thirst quencher for discerning connoisseurs who are looking for and love something special.

Which tonic with which gin?

Poured into spirits, the second life of our tonic water begins. Whether it's a good basic gin with three botanicals, an artistically perfect 30-botanical gin or an alcohol-free spirit... each combination retains its personal touch and is softly enveloped and strengthened in its aromas.
Ambition ideal for light gins up to 43% Alc. Vol, for non-complex gins and citrus-based gins and thus most London Dry Gins.
Signature ideal for stronger gins from 43 % Alc. Vol. and complex gins.
Trend is the first and only tonic water dedicated to the trend of less alcohol, that means alcohol-free spirits. Also perfect with New Western Gin: fruity, floral, berry and pink gin but also all the others. Goes perfectly well with Lillet, Campari, Aperitivo Rosato, Martini, Vodka and others.
Here you will find the best tonic for your gin!