Collection: Bitter Lemon - DASLEMON Heaven with curaçao fruit distillate for longdrinks and cocktails

Bitter Lemon can be used in a variety of ways in long drinks and cocktails.
Whether you want to drink Bitter Lemon with vodka or Bitter Lemon with Bacardi, Heaven Bitter Lemon offers you the freshest scent and the best taste of the lemon and lime. 
As with all our products, Heaven does not contain stabilizers. The juices of the lime and lemon settle. A slight movement from the bottle gets everything going again. Everything can be solved with chemistry, but we can't!
Our Bitter Lemon is not called Heaven for nothing, and you will experience it as soon as you open the glass bottle.
Bitter lemon is also known as a lemon tonic, and you can mix many drinks with it. As an aperitif: Bitter Lemon Campari, Bitter Lemon with cherry liqueur or Lillet. As a long drink Bitter Lemon with Sloe Gin or with a white rum. Of course, you can drink Bitter Lemon neat! DASLEMON Heaven Bitter Lemon is predestined for this.
Paradisiacal, heavenly: Heaven!