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DASTONIC Trend - distilled with raspberries and strawberries

DASTONIC Trend - distilled with raspberries and strawberries


For fresh and fascinating drinks

The Trend Tonic Water gives light and modern spirits variants an exceptionally harmonious finish through its slightly sweeter aroma combination of distilled raspberries and strawberries. Nevertheless, with the fascinating bitter notes of the cinchona bark distillate, it remains a tonic water with many possibilities for wonderful compositions. The absolute compatibility with alcohol-free spirits, Pink Gins, New Western Gins, fruity, floral and berry gins!

DASTONIC Trend is an indispensable ingredient for exciting non-alcoholic drinks.

Enjoyed pure, the trend tonic water is the fruity-tart aroma sensation and provides with its characterful taste for a drinking experience that will be remembered.

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Ingredients: water, sugar, carbonic acid, acidifier citric acid, natural flavouring, cinchona bark distillate*, flavouring quinine, raspberry distillate*, strawberry distillate*

*Distilled from natural ingredients.


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